The Night Stalker – Richard Ramirez

The Night Stalker terrified Southern California residents in 1985.  Cloaked in darkness and hidden in shadows, the night stalker exploited the night. He hunted freely, breaking into homes and killing without mercy. 

Sgt Frank Salerno was involved in the investigation.  The night stalker would sneak into homes through windows. kill any male occupants before sexually assaulting female occupants. His first known victim was a 79 year old woman who lived alone.  He removed a screen to her apartment and silently entered. He brutally attacked her, stabbing her multiple times in the torso.  One key piece of evidence was found on her body, a fingerprint. At the time, there was no computerized or centralized fingerprint database so the evidence would only be valuable when or if the perpetrator was caught. 

The sheriff’s office collected bullet casings from crime scenes and were able to match the grooves, thus confirming their fears of a serial killer operating in the area.   The Night Stalker also left a pentagram at the scene, declaring his allegiance to Satan.  He believed he was the lone instrument of Satan, a private emissary deserving of a special position in life and death.  

The Night Stalker took the eyes of some victims.   Paranoid psychotics are often fascinated with the eyes, because within the eyes of their victims, for a moment, they see themselves.   

Richard Ramirez was born in 1960, the fifth child of devoted, deeply religious parents.  He had a loving mother but his father was extremely strict, often unleashing violent punishments.  Richard suffered accidental but traumatic head injuries in childhood and had epileptic attacks which proved disruptive in his life.  It is possible Richard was sexually assaulted by a pedophile. 

His cousin Mike, taught Richard to kill at a young age. Mike returned from Vietnam with a box full of trophies of murders he committed during war and recounted the experiences to Richard. Richard was also a witness when Mike murdered his wife. After the murder, Richard’s behavior changed dramatically, including drug use, dropping out of school and odd sleeping habits. Richard was groomed to be a killer. 

He raped and killed: the young and the old; the weak and the infirmed.  He believed he was immune to punishment.  The more violent and vile his acts, the more publicized his crimes became and the gory details made headlines across the country.  True crime stories captivate and titillate audiences.  His victims were completely random, including victim profiles and cities. It wasn’t until a witness took down the license plate of a car leaving a crime scene that police got a break in the case.  A fingerprint taken from the vehicle matched a fingerprint taken from Ramirez years earlier when he was arrested for car theft.  Finally police were able to identify The Night Stalker. 

Ramirez attempted escape, but was recognized by a crowd, chased and eventually captured.   A six month killing spree was over. Richard Ramirez avoided prosecution for several years and never showed remorse for his crime. Ramirez flaunted his devotion to Satan and relished the opportunity to relive his crimes.  Groupies came to court dressed in black and courted his attention. 

Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker

 Ramirez was convicted of 14 murders and received 19 death sentences.  He remains on death row in San Quentin. The victims continue to wait for justice to be served.


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  1. Rick McCarter says:

    What is wrong with our justice system? Why is this (blank) still alive?

  2. lisaj66 says:

    I can’t understand the women that flocked to court. This guy is CREEPY! Even for a serial killer. You always hear about the mild mannered guy who is a little odd, and everyone’s stunned when they turn out to be a SK. But RR, he LOOKS like a SK.

  3. esra says:

    he looks like a rockstar and he is intruiging.

  4. RRfriend says:

    I think Richard is one of the most facinating serial killers of all time. I know alot about him and am in the progress of writing him. Let me be clear, I don’t think he’s cool because he killed people, I find that the way his mind works is mind boggling. I want to be a criminal profiler. My ultimate goal is to go on death row and interview serial killers and then possibly write a book. I think he looks suave in his picture. He’s got this sorta sexy, mysterious, edgy thing about him. I like it….

  5. Delilah A. says:

    I have been writing to Richard for quite a while now and find the way his mind works, to be normal in terms of him now. He was never declared insane, because, he is not. He is very smart and very much like us “normal” people, besides the crimes he commited 20 years ago. I am his friend and feel that yes, he is where he deserves to be for his criems, but i feel like we cannot changed the past, we can only learn from it. I never judge him and never found him creepy. He is a sweet guy, and even criminal profilers have trouble with him.

    Satanism, in it having to deal with Richard, i think was an excuse for himself. To make him feel better about death and what he was doing at the time. In his mind Jesus, was looking down on him, so her turned to lucifer. i think it eases his mind in a way.

    i just hope people who view this, have an open mind about everything. just remember, someone loved the killers too.

    Delilah Aldama

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi, can you pleeeeeaaaassse send me his address
      i would appreciate it so so much thanks lot! 🙂

    • Jen says:

      Delilah and Stephanie,

      I find your comments to be quite disturbing. I think that you need to seek counseling for an obvious void in your life. I can assure you that you will not fill said void through the words of a monster. Focus on positive influences in your life. Your interaction with this man is distressing and morbid at best. There is a reason that he is not among the general population. Seek help… I am actually concerned for your mental well being.

    • RIAAN (SA) says:


      • RIAAN (SA) says:

        Just to let u Know That i Am from South Africa where a young couple stabbed a 21 yr old guy multiple times then amputated his leg, arm and head and kept it as trophy’s at their flat. The 24yr old guy and his normal 21 yr old girl was arrested on wednesday. on the 21yr old girl’s facebook page, she also probacate how she loved Richard Ramirez and also satan. think twice before u call something like that your friend!!

    • I would like to write him and I always wondered when we locked eyes when I was about 10 if he remembers me, I lived next door to the guy he tried to steal the car from before he got caught. I always wondered and at 37 still wonder why we just stood infront of each other and just stared into each others eyes, I am just curiouse as to why he didnt try to do anything to me. did he see something I didnt? my email address is I hope you understand it has weighed on me for a long time, And I still remember his eyes. Thank you

    • Susan says:

      You are seriously disturbed.

    • AndyR. says:

      Really, he is smart? he failed 9th grade twice.

  6. Keith says:


    how can you call yourself a friend to somone who raped old woman and then beat them to death with a hammer? How can you be a friend to some one who gouged out the eyes of an innocent person?

    Do you realize that it would have been you with that gun stuck upside your most private part?

    What kind of a sick person are you???

    You must be a friendless, antisocial personality like he was.

    Yes you are. That explains it.

  7. Mary says:

    The man is a killer. The man is handsome. Does that make him “special”? Don’t think so. He should be dead already. Why are taxpayers paying for him to stay alive for nearly 20 years? He is intriquing, yes. He was brutal and killed many innocent people. There is no forgiveness for the grief he has caused. We may be taught of evil ways, beaten, abused. We are still US and we make the final decision on how our courses will run. Definitely not by murder. It’s past due for an ending in this story.

  8. Angelina says:

    Those of you who are saying he is suave, and fascinating, and all that bullshit, are really stupid. Try spending a night alone with him in your house, see how the fuck you feel, see if you like it. Imagine it was your mama, or sister, or daddy, or son or daughter who was murdered by this nutcase…when you get it from that perspective, then talk. Until then, ya’ll are ignorant sheltered people, who probably have never left the little town you live in. Go get educated, and realize that everything you said before was bullshit.

  9. Emily says:

    So does anyone know if there is an execution date set yet?

  10. Yk says:

    @ rick mccarter: Don’t you think it is worse punishment to make him go insane in a tiny cell for 20 years than it is to kill him right away?

  11. haley freakin pruitt says:

    i find Richard a very interesting subject
    i like to read about convict and richard is my far most favorite
    i will be writing to him soon
    i want to no what a mind of a serial killer think

  12. Misanthropic says:

    You know what not everyone is a saint
    i write to Richard and i’m his friend and i know what he did was wrong
    but the american army kill people when there at war. no one really says anything about that do they?
    there peoples husbands and sons,friends..what gives them right to choose to blow up and shoot people? alot of those people in iraq might have had nothing to do with what the jihad’s did..

    • Jen says:

      Okay… you are insane. The army does what they have to do in order to protect worthless lives like your own. How dare you place them in the same category as this disgusting human being. And, for your information, soldiers do not go over to Iraq intentionally killing civilians. Those are horrible casualties of war, and a cross that sadly, they must bear. You should be embarrassed of your comment… continue writing that pig… you deserve each other.

      • RIAAN (SA) says:


    • RIAAN (SA) says:

      WHAT THE F$#^#^K MAN!!!

  13. delilah aldama says:


    i understand where you are coming from but you do have to understand that he still is a person AFTER his crimes. i dont judge him on what he did. I have moved forward from that (which people should). It takes time, especially for the victims and families of his victims. I can be a friend to anyone, and so can you.

    • Susan says:

      Delilah, since, you were not one of his victims! You are in NO position to decide on forgiveness or whether or not the surviving victims or relatives of the murdered victims should or shouldn’t forgive him.

  14. Janet says:

    Well I guess this is what I think about Richard…
    I dont know him personally YET…but I have just sent him my first letter.I am somehow intreaged by him, I am kinda in the same situation as delilah aldama. I do not know you but I feel the same as you do about Richard he is still a real person with feelings and I just cant wate to get to know the real Richard by him writing me.I am very interested in his story…and I might be writing a book on him.
    I am a very normal person with a great heart of gold and LOTS of really good friends I am just interested in his life and his story. I do not like or suppory what he has done and I feel a horriable ammount of pain for all of the familys & friends who were effected by Richards acts but I am a religous person and I do believe that we are ALL Gods children and that he forgives US ALL!!!! I also think that he is where he is for a reason and Im glad that hes behind bars but then agian I just cant wate for him to return my letter!!! Call me CRAZY or whatever you want but we all have our own poinion….and this is mine!!!

  15. delilah aldama says:

    thanks janet. youll find he is really nice and open about his lifes journey. he gives some good advice too. youll enjoy his letters

    • Adam Jeffries says:

      Yes, of all people who give advice, his advice is the most meritorious. Fuck you. You deserve to die just like he does.

  16. Elizabeth says:


    Why are we all here writing and replying about him? Anyone who posts a response on this site is guilty. Of what? Interest. We don’t have to agree with him, we don’t have to defend him or ourselves. He is a figure of interest and controversy. The ladies find him attractive…so… he is. Don’t assume they are stupid or delusional about the horrific crimes he has done. Nobody wants to be raped and murdered. His life is an awful tale, a truly interesting one. People want to know whats going on inside of his head. We are shocked by his past actions its human to be curious. Its human to want to reach out to one of our own and just ask (why?) .

    Women seem to be his biggest supporters and friends. Some say what if it were your mother, wife, Grandma that he attacked? Let’s be honest…what if he were your son? I think women want to help him. They want to be the one that changes him and make him good. That is where they are wrong. He is where he belongs. Ladies, its ok to write to Richard just don’t get carried away with it. And please don’t give him your home address. that would be foolish. And finally don’t fall in love with him! Its a false emotion because you don’t really know him, even if he has written to you many times.

    Girls, go call your boyfriends. They miss you.
    Leave this one alone. besides he’s married already.


  17. Aurora says:

    I Think That God Dosent Forget And No Crime Will go Unpunished. I Feel Bad For Him Cause His Victoms are At Peace Now And His Heart Will Never Be.

  18. Psyche says:

    Okay, first of all I have a life, am not antisocial, and have many friends. I am also pursuing a degree in Forensic Psychology. I do not understand the people on this forum who think that it is okay to insult and bash others for having a different view. It seems to me that it is these individuals who need to get an education. . .

    I just started writing RR about 6 months ago; yes, he is intriguing. Even those of you who like to insult those of us who will admit it think that he is intriguing in one way or another. Why else would you even be wasting your time talking about him if he was so repulsive and un-intersting to you? Anyways. . .

    I am writing Richard because I am want to get a taste of what makes him tick. How does that make me stupid or ignorant? It doesn’t. However I am also writing Richard because I believe that every human has the natural desire for human correspondance and contact. Yes, he committed horrific crimes and those victims should never be forgotten. But, he is still human with feelings and wants and desires. He has grown into a man behind the walls of San Quentin, without the influence of drugs and alcohol. I am currently writing a paper for school on methamphetamine and the effects it has on your brain. It is very interesting to learn how much drugs can affect your psyche even years after the abuse has stopped. I know that drugs did play a role in his killing spree.

    I am not trying to disrespect anyone, I just want to point out that we are all different with different views and opinions. It is okay to disagree with someone so long as you do it a respectful manner where it can turn in to a discussion.

  19. justice says:

    i think hes interesting , also! im currently writing a book on the minds of a serial killer!i hope to interview him soon to find out what hes thinking! me , too i do feel terrible for the families , but i also find him sexy and dark, and would like to know how someone raised in a christian home, could turn so bad! how can i write him ?someone give me the address please!

  20. Chrissy says:

    I’m happy to know that he is ok.
    I love him with all my Heart and soul, until the end of time.
    Richard I Love you!
    And i don’t care what People are thinking about me….

  21. Maja says:

    I am intrigued by him only because I cannot imagine how/why someone would not just want to carry out such evil but actually really do it! To the people on here saying they ‘love’ him etc. and that he is a real person – you all need a life, you are all f’d up! Yes, he is rather attractive (I presume only with his mouth closed) so ask yourselves if you would be so pro the serial killer if he was fat and ugly?! No i didn’t think so, you’re all shallow as well as sick and stupid!

  22. Sherry says:

    i think all u guys are crazy this man killed a lot of people in cold blood they were people too!! With families that cared you guys are just as crazy as he is, you deserve one another!!

  23. donut says:

    live and let live.

    its mostly girls who are finding him interesting.

    charm has many faces

    god looks after these things.

    sometimes we bring out the worst in people by being nice to them

    even for his sake leave him alone

  24. donut says:

    making contact with this person enables his manipulative natere

    leave him alone. its for the best

    if you still have free will

    and that evaporates quicker than lighnning

  25. Mike says:

    You empower these monsters and those that might be their succesors by your words of admiration. You self-righteous biggots should instead put yourself in the shoes of the victims and maybe you could feel some compassion. If only bleeding heart liberals suffered at the hands of evil, the rest of us would feel that justice is being served.

  26. Rafael says:

    richard Please go to hell!!!

  27. James says:

    you people are smoking crack how are anybody give him any type of glory for this?????????? How could anyone forgive him, and im sure its real easy for you guys 2 forgive him but think about the people he killed that cant. And you people write to him, id send him anthrax fuck a letter. i hate stupid people

  28. Shilelagh says:

    I think RR is a really deep and fascinating person, and he’s got such beautiful eyes and killer bone structure. So many serial killers are all fat and out of shape. I mean have you seen David Berkowitz lately? Yuck. I mean I’m really interested in serial killers and how their minds work and everything and I tried writing to other serial killers like David Berkowitz but then when I’m reading their letters, even though they seem like really interesting people, I keep thinking how the letter was written by a fat, ugly person and I’m just like, eww why am I reading this?

    I’m so curious and fascinated how RR could so such evil stuff since he was raised as a Christian. I grew up Methodist and I can’t even shoplift without feeling really really guilty so it’s hard to see how he can rape and stab women to death and pull out their eyeballs and stuff and not even worry about it.

    It’s hard to imagine why one person does things that other people would never never do. It’s like we’re all totally different people or something. I do agree that God needs us all to forgive each other, not only so we can get on with our lives but so we can feel free to make emotional investments in dangerous, disturbed people who also have a lot of nice, interesting qualities.

    So anyway I totally want to write to RR but I’m afraid he won’t like me and he won’t write back or something. I mean I guess if he’s stuck in jail on Death Row and has nothing else to do he might read my letters. Do you think he’d like me?? I want someone to like me. Anyone would be fine. If he writes back to me I think I’ll just die 🙂

  29. Anne Lee H. says:

    Wow. Your worried about fat? I think you shold look into peopl’s minds once in awhile. i checked out RR, what a loser, lol. David actuly has SOMTHING to say, lol.
    yu should get wth it, just stop looking for bods. 🙂

  30. Shilelagh says:

    Sorry ALH but RR is way more inteligent than anybody else on deathrow and NOT a loser. Try writing to him sometim. Im going to!

    As for Berkowitz Im sorry but letting yourself get fat like that just shows a total lack of self respect and that’s a total turn-off to me. I mean OK he’s in jail but cant he at least geta rowing machine or something? RR would never let himself go like that.

    Anyways women always pick out good looking guys because of biologic programming and we need to have healthy children.

  31. Jochanan Tchwemen, PHD says:

    I am writing to address the comments of “Shilelagh” (if that is indeed her real name), and “Ann Lee H.” (ditto). Both of these women are to be pitied. Their addiction to criminals reflect the stark realities that confront women in this culture. Unused to self-determination, women in the age of “liberation” often make these destructive choices, preferring the company of strong-minded murderers to entering into the competitive world that they themselves have helped to create.

    Could it be that women make these unhealthy choices because they, in reality, are not suited for these difficult tasks? The evidence says Yes!

    Also, these womens’ adulation of men like “rr” and “david” reflect, on a deeper psychological level, a retrospect of what women really want and desire– a powerful male dominant who will allot them their justly earned respect in return for providing the kind of support that a powerful man justly deserves.

    The fact that these women have foisted their innate desires onto serial killers does not render their desires any less true. In fact the very unhealthiness of their choices serves to uphold the truth of a Woman’s need to subserviate, in an age when, according to the religion of Political Correctness, she cannot. What a sad situation!

    We should, as thinking men & women, work to return an era when women did not need the attention of jailed murderers to receive the kind and paternal attention they love so much, nay, sometimes too much.

    • “Could it be that women make these unhealthy choices because they, in reality, are not suited for these difficult tasks? The evidence says Yes!”

      Could it be that you’re just another unfairly advantaged white male who unjustly benefited from UNEARNED white male privilege; a selfish class bigot who wants to hyper-rationalize discrimination against women and dehumanize women as “less than”? Could it be that you’re an idiot who ought to be arrested for possession of brains with intent to use? The evidence says Yes!

  32. Jeannie Carr says:

    I would like to writr Richard Ramirez, does anyone have his address?

  33. soka says:

    hello i wanted to ask the persons whom
    have already wrote to Richard if they could
    possibly give me the address..please

  34. soka says:

    hello i wanted to ask the persons whom
    have already wrote to Richard if they could
    possibly give me the address..please
    send it to

  35. Wolfie the Chairboy says:

    Jennie Carr , soka and anyone else wishing to write to this evil piece of crap , should
    please note the following 2 points : No.1 . You’re all sickos and No.2 , why not have a think about it and pat yourself on the back when it dawns on your tiny warped minds
    that if you put Richard Ramirez , c/o Death Row , San Quinten , U.S.A. on an envelope
    and stick it in the post , it might just get there . I’m so glad that I’m not in the same gene-pool as you lot . You’re all fucked up .

  36. To Jeannie Carr , soka and anyone else who wants to write to this evil piece of crap .
    Two points : 1. You’re all sickos and 2. If you put your tiny , warped minds to it , I’m
    sure even your gene pool could work out that if you put Richard Ramirez c/o Death Row , San Quinten , U.S.A. on an envelope and manage to remember to post it , it’ll
    probably get there . You bunch of whack-jobs .

  37. Szilvi from Hungary says:

    “For all the souls impacted by San Quentin, your spirit will forever be a part of Metallica”

    That’s their opinion for example, no question about it, as we can all see it at the end of the “St. Anger” video…
    If huge rockstars think this way as well, what do we expect from others?

  38. Krystal,M says:

    i cant believe some of u people actually thinking there is nothing wrong with this sick twisted individual,he killed, tortured women men and children,anyone who could think he is normal is just as sick as he is.he deserves death,and thats not as much pain as he inflicted on his victims,remember he had a choice so all u sick women writing this monster should be ashamed of ur self,may god have mercy on your souls,god bless the families left without their loved ones because some monster took them away,and may their souls rest in peace

  39. Krystal,M says:

    you women wanting to write this monster need to ask yourselves,how would u feel if it were your families who went through this,being raped slashed and carved into their bodies,shot ,raped and sodomized ,would u still feel the same way?doubt it,you all are as sick as him and should seek professional help…god will not have mercy on his soul,you better hope he does on yours,sickos

  40. Krystal,M says:


  41. Krystal,M says:


  42. princess says:

    Soo will there ever be a date wen he will be getting executed??? And all the lil groupies on all his websites need to be investigated for sanity……your lilttle babies are crzy and sick…..picture some1 doing that to ur moms or grandmas then look at evil and say he is sexy…..stuppid little girls

  43. helena says:

    he is kind of attractive. but he was sloppy. he left a fingerprint on his first victim.

  44. Dagaz says:

    I’m a 100% sure, that if the night stalker was ugly as sin, perhaps fat as well, all those women on this board and others, as well as the ones that write to him, would not even pay him a second thought.

    It’s very sad to see these women being purely swayed by the outer looks and beauty. And lets face it. He does have a certain sex appeal. But would he still have that same sex appeal and intrigue to you, once he puts a gun to your head and breathes down on you with his bad breath?
    I think most of those women have low self-esteem. They thrive in the shadow of a dangerous, goodlooking, unpredictable individual.
    But the truth of the matter is that he’s a monster, who doesn’t care one bit about other people. There is no mercy in him, no empathy. He doesn’t even understand if you’d tell him that you understand him and love him. He’ll just perhaps smile and play along for his own pleasure.
    Get a reality check all the people who think he’s intriguing.

  45. seymoursgal says:

    I can’t believe some of you people! You don’t think I should be his friend just because he murdered 14 people OVER 20 YEARS AGO??? And, please, what does it matter if he raped 83-year old women?? We have no right to judge him!

    I’m pretty sure he has said out loud that he is now a follower of Christ. Some of YOU have probably never made a claim like that. If I want to write to him and feed his ego and metaphorically spit in the faces of people who went through the worst of torture before being robbed of their lives, not to mention their loved ones, I WILL!

    And BESIDES, I have an interest in psychology and true crime, so that makes me better than other girls who are writing to him! And look at you all! YOU are on this thread, too! I doubt you got here because you were searching for information, like is he alive or dead – or what is his execution date – because you will feel a lot better and safer when he meets his maker!

    The Lord said judge not lest ye be judged, so why would you turn your back on someone just because of multiple murders, rapes, and bludgeonings?

    BTW, since not all of you seem to be among Our County’s Brightest Minds, this is sarcasm. I hope an accident occurs at his execution that causes him severe pain.

    • “I can’t believe some of you people! You don’t think I should be his friend just because he murdered 14 people OVER 20 YEARS AGO??? And, please, what does it matter if he raped 83-year old women?? We have no right to judge him! “

      What does it matter?!?!?! What does it MATTER!?!?! Would it matter to you if YOU, or maybe your mother or grandmother were one of his victims? And you seriously ask if this should matter. Like it or not, we are judged by the “friends” we choose to keep.

      If you are ever shot, stabbed and raped and impregnated by the scumbag who did it and you’re one of the women forced to remain pregnant because of being denied EC right away or access to an abortion, don’t expect any sympathy. Because the deeds of the rapist and the harm he causes YOU shouldn’t matter according to your logic, right?

  46. mike J says:

    To all u dumb women who think he cute and good looking, plz the dude is ugly and looks like the demon he is. What would u say if ur daughter or son was at the end of that 22 or hammer ” go ahead kill them because u are so cute”. Do society a favour and kill you’ll selves for being stupid.

  47. anne says:

    im sure all the girls here have various harvard degrees and are all just into it for his brilliant mind. face it, if he were fat and ugly you wouldnt give a shit.your groupie behaviour is sad and sickening. as is all that pretentious shit about compassion . youve seen his picture and now youre swooning like fucking teenagers. not much more to it.
    and im sure once you got a letter back from him youll feel like you REALLY GET TO KNOW THE ONE BEHIND THE MASK ,right? ever occurred to you that he actually might be way beyond really connecting with anybody ,especially 17 year old teenagers or frustrated overweight housewifes? or just use you for a little fun? just like you try to use him ,as an excuse for you to get some little exictement into your pathetic own life.
    and to janet and all the other deluded women who think about “writing a book” about him, please learn to spell first. jesus, english isnt even my first language and im not fucking up my spelling. that beeing said i am against the death penalty and i think he is where he belongs.the whole case in its complexity stands for the sad frightening state of our society. i feel deeply sorry for the victims and even for the obviously very ill murderer to some degree.but ladys hes no poster boy stick to orlando bloom (or marilyn manson for the little gothic gals )if you feel the need for someone completely out of reach, into whom you may safely project all your shitty little romance novel dreams. i am not having a go at all the women here ,just at the ones plain stupidly asking for his address ,obviously too mentally limited to find out ,girls, he hasnt exactly moved the last 20 odd years a lot ,has he now?

  48. bianca says:

    I feel that he deserves to be PRISON and that no one deserves to die..but u also need to take a look the government and their so-called “war heroes”, no one ever says anything about that. They’ve killed millions.. “they pin medals on killers…if you don’t have a license to kill for the government, they won’t pin a medal on you but they’ll put you in the gas chamber.”

  49. Krystal says:

    personally, and this is only my opinion, i think he’s really fascinating. it takes someone really… strange? to brutally kill people the way he did. i just want to know what he was THINKING when he did everything. like was he like “hmm im bashing some chick who doesnt have the strength to fight back with a hammer”, or was he getting off on it or what? i also think hes one of the most intriguing people we could ever know about. and to everyone who is commenting on someones OPINION its a matter of perspective. dont judge them because you yourself have an opinion.

  50. Crazy Kansan says:

    RR is a fascinating GUY? To me he is a coward! If he were truly a Satanist he would go ahead and tell everyone that he indeed do it. Don’t give the legal nonsense of he can’t due to incriminating himself, that is a cop-out. Be a man RR and tell us yourself that you killed these people because you are the sick freak that you are. Fascinating or not he is where he belongs and deserves 10 minutes alone with all the victims relation. Let justice have be served. Lets see if indeed Satan will save his sweet RR.

  51. salome says:

    Richard Ramirez is a very beautifull man. I wanne married him. And have his children.

  52. Shilelagh says:

    LOL! Good one.

  53. heather says:

    I’ve known Ritchie for years– I don’t blame anyone- he had a horrible upbringing- Doreen his wife told me never to talk to him again ,after she found out we were friends. after me. She was a virgin poser looking for thr limelight – I have lots of letters from Richard and subscriptions for Richard– I said I would “NEVER” sell him out and never would…… would you…

  54. D says:

    Man, there are a lot of sick monkeys out there. The very idea that anyone could find this homicidal maniac attractive is absolutely terrifying. This guy killed and/or raped dozens of people. How could you equate that with romance? What’s wrong with you?

  55. Donna says:

    People who are interested in communicating with this man have no imagination (barring psychologists and criminal profiling), you could be painting,writing poetry,visiting a shutin, helping a single mom or volunteering at your local food bank or soup kitchen, why waste you energy writing to a monstrous man, he is brain damaged in the worst way, get a life people!

  56. Fred says:

    There are certain types of murderers, like the ones who do really gruesome acts or cannibalize their victims. When these murderers are given certain types of anti-psychotic medication, they “come to their senses” and realize what monsters they had become; most of them commit suicide.

  57. L'anique says:

    I think that he should be put in solitary confinement, NO books or magazines or anything to pass the time, NO correspondence from the outside world or visitors, what he did is unforgivable and he should suffer the consequences to the fullest, he should be sent to a Japanese prison and tortured, he got off too easy to just be sitting in a jail being fed by our tax paying dollars he’s not paying for what he did the punishment isn’t nearly as severe as it should be!

  58. Dstar says:

    Oh man, -I am a sane normal Woman with a life.- BUT still…
    I am fascinated by his looks! he is handsome! we all know that. Thats for sure why he has sooo many groupies! If he would be less attractive, there was absolutely no commotion.
    Writing him,= ok,- wanting him to love you etc.. – i think is kinda sad… Trust me … He has nothing else to do. But if he wouldt be up there, he wouldnt be so nice to you. prob, you would end up just like the others.
    BTW, killing elders/adults.. is sick en disturbed, but if you can kill a small child.. -from the age of 6-.. crying, bleeding looking up at you while molesting or stabbing…

    AI… What did you say again about him beeing a beautiful person???
    Who has the money,?
    Lets raise money guys… buy an Island in the sea and throw all these prob -lower selfesteem ladies- on it… then release Mr Ramirez (with servival-kit)on the island as well.

  59. tmysicilia says:

    I think the females that are seeking attention from this monster are in serious need of a good lay 🙂

  60. colt45 says:

    Just remember if you write to him and he gets out he has your address!

  61. sara says:

    He killed a 9 year old girl you retards! Enough said…get a freaking clue. He took a 9 year old BABIES life!

  62. AHole says:

    No doubt, this guy was attractive.
    I’m a female, But I think EVERYTHING he did was sick. I dont see why woman would want to be with him?
    Knwoing that his penis has been in old people, and poor children.

    And also the fact that he murdered without remorse.

  63. Yanelys Zakotnova says:

    I have mixed emotions about this guy . I think everyone does . I will have to admit , he IS indeed good-looking,but that doesn’t change anything . I am rather fascinated by him in some ways and can slightly understand some of the people on this forum that talk of wanting to write to him and so on , but at the same time i am amazed how shallow and ignorant some of these women here ( and some men , perhaps?) can be , only being interested in RR because of his good-looks , and nothing else. Um HELLO , he murdered and raped so many helpless, innocent defenseless children and old women . This guy is a straight- up coward!!!!!!!!!!! He is pure -EVIL . He should have been executed a long time ago . First tortured , and then executed . Being behind bars is too good for him . Some people just don’t realize how good prisoners have it in Jails . I understand that he had a terrible childhood and although i have some sympathy for him because of that , it is NOT an excuse to go around killing people . He had many paths to go down in life , and he chose to be a killer. There is NOTHING to idolize in this man .

  64. Shiva769 says:

    Richard Ramirez
    # E 37101 /
    San Quentin State Prison (SQ)

    San Quentin, CA 94974

  65. Shiva769 says:

    Two things—One–I do write to him. He has quite the fascinating mind. And before anybody says that’s sick I bet you have no problem watching the SAW movies. Or playing violent video games. It’s not the same but we all have a dark side.
    Two–I am a 40 year old woman who’s married and VERY-well educated. I even know how to spell! But Richard is is fascinating. If he wasn’t no one would bother with their opinions on other’s posts. Richard has a nice side to him. Unfortunately upbringing and drugs had a hand in feeding the darker side of him. I don’t excuse what he’s been convicted of but I also don’t condemn him in my mind. Richard is Richard.You are you. End of story.

  66. To the girls who posted that they want to write to him, hope he likes them, are fascinated with him because he’s good-looking, etc. I have some words of advice:

    (1) He’s a psychopath, and there is NO cure for that. None. Psychopaths have no conscience, no remorse, and no empathy for other human beings. A psychopath is incapable of feeling love for another human being. Before writing Richard Ramirez, you might want to invest in 2 books by Dr. Robert Hare titled, “Without Conscience” and “Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Work.”

    You might be intrigued because you want to “get inside his head”, but trust me, you DO NOT want him to get inside of yours — not that there’s much there to begin with, judging from all the shallow posts here gushing on about how cute he is!

    (2) Beauty, looks, etc. last for only a fleeting moment in time.

    Being valued solely on looks is the main thing us old school feminists have fought against so that girls of YOUR generation would have the opportunities for self-determination that many prior generations of women never got — all we could hope for was to be pretty enough to “latch a ‘good’ husband” to support us and our children (and not desert us for some younger thinner model, if we were lucky); or be thin and sexy-looking enough to land a job as an airline stewardess or as a secretary at the top of the dead-end corporate pink-collar clerical pool.

    Now I ask myself, “WTF were the older feminists fighting for?” You younger women take the educational and professional opportunities for granted that many of us were unjustly denied and had to fight to get. You have NO problem with a society in which women are of no value outside of their appeal as alpha-male “eye candy” and breeder chattel (sexual property of men)because you yourselves flatter and fawn over serial killers who are “hotties.”

    If getting a “hot-looking” boyfriend is what you want, there are plenty of good-looking Latino-American men and really handsome Native American men who aren’t serial killers and rapists.

    It is beyond the pale on the superficiality and shallowness scale to overlook the evil done to one’s fellow man (and woman) by monsters like Richard Ramirez or Scott Peterson just because they’re sexy looking.

    Scott Peterson’s pregnant wife Laci thought he was sexy and wonderful too…until he killed her a mere few weeks before she was due to give birth to their first child, all because he wanted to get rid of a pregnant wife he no longer found physically attractive. He wanted his thin, young Barbie Doll blonde mistress without having to pay for a messy divorce and 18 years of child support. Yet, countless shallow tarts write Scott Peterson and send him money to put on his prison books for his commissary — because they “love” him and think that he loves them, too.

    Shallow stupid girls who think they know it all when they don’t know jack give the male chauvinist sexist bigots ammunition to perpetuate and promote ongoing job and pay discrimination against women, and attacks on women’s reproductive rights.

    You are helping to promote and perpetuate women’s second-class status in this country: the reason why female rape victims in this country are still viewed as having “asked for it”, and why women are viewed as too stupid and emotionally/physically/intellectually inferior to deserve equal rights as first class citizens — whether it is the right to have sex without compulsory pregnancy or the right to an education and a good job. Wise up and grow up.

    • Shiva769 says:

      To Jacqueline–You have your opinions but I do take offense to saying women have second-class status in this country. Women are in MANY positions of power.I don’t know where YOU live but women are respected and treated quite well where I live.I write to Richard about what he does while in there and things like that. I don’t delve into my private life except to talk about things like what movies I’ve seen lately and fluff like that. I do believe his crimes are awful and frightening but believe me–if I’d known who Jack the Ripper was I would’ve written him too. Most convicted killers–and I say most–do NOT want to get into your mind. They have plenty other people to write and things to do. There are the occasional ones that do stuff like that. But most, although doing such horrendous things, are human when it comes down to it. Second class or lower–but human. I’m grown up and I’m quite wise in many ways.
      Oh about the female rape victims? MOST areas of the country these women are NOT treated like they asked for it. There are the few cases that does happen but as the norm goes, No. What it comes down to is you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine. If what Richard Ramirez has done so offends you and what these women say so offends you maybe you shouldn’t read these things that are written.

      • “You have your opinions but I do take offense to saying women have second-class status in this country. Women are in MANY positions of power.I don’t know where YOU live but women are respected and treated quite well where I live. “

        You really don’t get it, do you?

        Women’s opportunities have eroded between 30 years ago and today thanks to rampant classism and abusive social and economic policies and diminished reproductive choice rights — all of which pulled the rug out from underneath POOR/WORKING CLASS women.

        But POOR women don’t exist as worthy enough to care about fighting for in your spoiled, sheltered worldview, do they? Because they don’t feed your self-important, attention-craving vanity like a sweet-talking, conniving psychopath with six pack abs and that “bad boy” charm.

        Maybe if you weren’t so self-absorbed in thinking all other women have it just like you in your little suburban upper-middle class bubble and if you weren’t so friggin’ shallow you might know that MOST women across the US do NOT have it so friggin’ great — and MAYBE then you might spend some of your time giving a damn about your less fortunate “sisters” who didn’t win in life’s lottery; women for whom grad school was out of reach, and that high paying blue collar jobs in the trades are STILL closed to women for whom college and grad school isn’t/wasn’t an option.

        “Oh about the female rape victims? MOST areas of the country these women are NOT treated like they asked for it. “

        Oh really? What do you call POOR female rape victims being routinely denied emergency contraception in hospital emergency rooms or by pharmacists and doctors due to “conscience clause” laws and “fetal personhood” laws? I don’t know what YOU call it, but I call it a Rapists’ Rights Movement .

        But psychopaths like Richard Ramirez — whose guilt in raping and killing women and girls from ages 8 to 80 is beyond a shadow of a doubt — on death row are more worthy of your time. He obviously needs a hero more than this nation’s less fortunate who are NOT criminals and psychopaths. Whatever.

  67. Shiva769 says:

    Jacqueline–I am not in a suburban bubble. I’m actually a lower class citizen who has worked my butt off to get where I am. I am an only child who’s mother worked HER butt off to give me some sort of life. My husband is a grunt at a garbage facility and I work at a dry cleaners. I have been paying for school for 5 years out of my pittance of a pay check. I am a recovering heroin addict who fought her way out of that addiction 11 and a half years ago. During my addiction I was raped and beaten quite numerous times. But that didn’t make me cold hearted or unable to feel SOME sort of compassion. Like I said before–you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. BUT DO NOT ASSUME YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME. Oh–and I WAS able to abort the baby that I conceived when I was raped. So get off my ass and get back to putting other people down. And get off your high horse. Don’t knock ME for MY choices and I won’t knock you for yours.

    • When you CHOOSE to stick up for a convicted psychopath who ADMITTEDLY raped and killed women and kids, you open yourself up for contempt and scorn for making such choices in “friends” and bragging about it as if your choice was something to be proud of.

      You’re not only myopic if you think you got where you are solely on your own merit without ANY luck or ANY resources already built into your life as a kid, you’re a class bigot as well.

      Many other women across this country did NOT have it as fortunate as you and could NOT afford an abortion after being raped and denied Plan B in the wake of recent “conscience clause” laws. How much time have YOU spent as a volunteer helping those women and girls as opposed to looking down on them and telling them “I made it, I’ve got mine, and if you don’t have yours tough shit for you sister”; and befriending a deadly predator just because you think he’s smart and cute? There is a very ugly word for women who throw their less fortunate “sisters” under the bus and trivialize the victimization of other women and girls by rapists and murderers.

  68. Denise Garrett says:

    Im interested in the Humans Context,The structure of his Charcter.I am not obliovous to his crimes.Facination is not a crime as if i murdered countless people.

  69. sant singh maskeen…

    […]The Night Stalker – Richard Ramirez « True Crime Stories[…]…

  70. chasemice says:

    anyone seen his recent pics? Time sure took a toll on his “looks” – yuck. Hope that helps some of you bored, lonely (and naive) ladies out there who are wanting to write him.

  71. SWESB says:

    What is wrong with you people!?! This man is sick and deserves to be dead. Hes not attractive. Your stupid and ignorant for even thinking that he even is or deserves to live.

  72. Con says:

    I feel very sad for all the poor ladies who need to befriend RR to feel any worth! I’m sorry that you didn’t grow up with a father in your life or a father worthy of that role. We women are loving creatures and when not given a good male role model, we get women in love with RR or thinking he is fascinating.

    I remember having low self esteem as a teenager and hoping for any kind of male attention. I dated lots of losers in my day. I’m glad I found my confidence, married an awesome caring man and have two wonderful little boys.

    One thing I can say, I’m glad I didn’t have girls, I know how complex and delicate they are, and don’t think I would be able to handle it without wanting to slap the crap out of them when they go through this stage.

    Ladies, you are obviously older and I hope you one day find your worth, self esteem and confidence. I understand you had a bad experience growing up and I hope you can get past it. Good luck!! And God bless you

  73. petersen70150 says:

    You all are sick in the head. I hope those of you who think he is fascinating get murdered cold blooded like he did. Where the hell do you get your fascination with him? Is it because of his looks? That’s the problem with America is that we judge people off of what they look like. I hope those of you who find him interesting and nice burn in Hell. God gave us eyes to see and a mind to think and understand. Lets use it. Next thing you know we’ll start accepting crime in our communities as a thing of naught. As for Richard, EAT SHIT and die of leprosy you sick and twisted child of hell. What the fuck is wrong with you. You followers can go to hell with him you sick shits!

  74. mimi says:

    aesthetically speaking, he’s got to be the most handsome man i have seen. i don’t want anything to do with him though. i am just amazed at how beautiful his bone structure is and his eyes are very exotic. too bad he’s fucked up. ted bundy was a horny crazy sociopath beyond control. ramirez got some deep rooted anger and rebellion issues. he could have turned out differently in a different situation.

  75. Genie says:

    What an odd take on Ramirez parents! “Devoted?!” His father beat him and seems to have perhaps be a factor in his son’s traumatic brain injuries. They allowed a cousin to show their young son violent photos of decapitated Vietnamese women and XXX sex scenes. After their son witnessed the murder of his cousin’s wife (close up — blood spattered) and his personality changed, they neither got him psychological help OR kept careful watch of him. Even when he began killing local animals. I recall that during the trial it was exposed that he’d sent his mother bloody jewelry and later even body parts. She did NOT report this! Even though the Night Stalker was a nationwide story. These were dysfunctional, violent, creepy, irresponsible parents and extended family members who helped create and unleash a homicidal maniac and withheld evidence that allowed him to continue his spree. THAT is your definition of “devoted and deeply religious parents”?!

  76. Jessica says:

    All these dumb bitches commenting on here, ” oh he’s so hot”.. Uh if he got ahold of you or your kin you’d b dead just like the others. You are not special nor can change this sicko. Get some self esteem & strive for better.You broads are the same chicks who like guys that beat on em. Idiots

  77. seanie boy says:

    funny studying him he could’ve been the greatest of all time in that respects I guess but he had no back ground at doing things the right way per say!

  78. Cheyenne Montanez says:

    I just watched this movie called “Night stalker” not knowing that it was in fact based on a true story after reading and looking at all the websites for this guy who you call Richard and then reading the comments some of you left I couldn’t help but put my opinion as well. No girls/women he is not in any way shape or form attractive after the crime he committed. I think if you would still like to give a second chance and write him because you think he’s “fascinating” what goes through your mind do you think of doing the same as he did? go on a killing spree? and be spawned to hell? your just dumb NO GOOD COMES FROM EVIL DOING. You girls that commented should be ashamed put yourself in the parents of these kids shoes would you still write him or wanna have his babies? GROW UP. I don’t care if you have a opinion or what it is this guy deserves to go to hell. Our God is a forgiving God but once you give your life to the devil you take every chance you had of going to Heaven away. My heart goes out to all the victims and families that went through this horrific pain. I hope you guys know your idolizing some guy who “loved” Satan there for your doing the same. Don’t take offense to a thing I said just stating my opinion.

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